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Small Bed Bugs


These insects are of fast growing concern and population.



  • Found in the cleanest of homes, hotels, lodges, etc.
  • Hides during the day in or near beds, bed frames, mattresses, wooden or wicker furniture (setting near beds, couches & chairs), plus within couches and chairs.
  • They move with you to relocate to a different apartment, home or hotel.
  • Bed Bugs hide in small crevices, in luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes, and other such objects.



  • Feeds on blood at night. Bites appear first (normally before insects are found). Small red welts in rows or groups are found on arms, legs, waistline or face area. This will differ from most other insect bites which normally occur singularly or in more isolated areas. Reaction to bites usually occurs within 12 hrs, but may not show for days or weekss.
  • Caution is advised when accepting used furniture, bed bugs can live months without feeding. They even live in “vacant” or “clean” apartments. They travel through openings in walls where pipes and wires exist, or will exit/enter under doors via common hallways.
  • In a few cases, bats and or birds may introduce and maintain bed bugs and their close relatives (bat bugs and bird bugs).
  • Blood feeding insects and mites can be left behind after removing nest or roosts of birds, or bats in the home.
  • Travelers increasingly encounter Bed Bugs and unknowingly transport Bed Bugs and their eggs in your luggage.



  • If you suspect you have been in an infested area, clothing should be laundered to kill bugs and their eggs as soon as you arrive at home. Dryer heat on medium-high for 20-30 minutes (after clothing is dry) will destroy eggs & live bed bugs.
  • Suitcases should be carefully inspected, scrubbed with a stiff brush, and thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Leaving luggage in a closed vehicle for several hours in full summer sun may leave them bug free.
  • Call your local certified pest control expert at the first sign of any bed bug sighting. They can properly identify the problem and safely and efficiently treat the area in question.



Bed Bug control is a very time consuming process requiring thorough inspections and treatments over a course of normally one to four visits, depending on the infestation and existing conditions (amount of furniture, storage, etc.). Guidelines for eliminating hiding areas are given by ABES service technicians that will aid in control.


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