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Ant & Termite Comparisons


Carpenter Ant Damage


Common House Ants



Ants (Odorous House):

The number one pest of the Midwest and mid south regions including Kentucky.


Adult ants are approximately 1/8th inch in length (about the size of a sharpened pencil lead) and brown to black in color. When crushed this ant produces a coconut or citrus odor. The most common occurring ant species is the Odorous House Ant.


Rainy spring days and early summer is the favorite time of year for the Odorous House ant (OHA), trailing in kitchens bathrooms or laundry areas. Activity will decrease during dry hot summer months with sporadic appearances. They become slightly more active again in the fall and may also visit you in the winter.


Newly developed "non-repellant insecticides" are used by ABES service technicians to control these ants without "scattering or spreading" them through the home. We do localized applications interior, and exterior broadcast perimeter treatments. House ants, as well as other home invading ants often require maintenance or follow up applications 1-3 times per year. Each home is in a different environmental setting with numerous numbers of ant colonies in the area. Good caulking and sealing helps minimize treatment frequency. (Caulking and sealing is a service provided by ABES at a prorated hourly rate).


Ant activity in the Tri-State area includes:


Carpenter Ants


Adults are ¼ to ½ inch in length or the approximate length of a small fingernail to the finger's end.


These ants will colonize within walls, floors, or roof layers in a variety of building materials to include wood, cardboard and insulation. Typically worker ants emerge from the colonies to gather food.


Control is best achieved by ABES service technicians using non-repellant, slow acting baits and residual pesticides or directly injecting the nest with standard insecticides. Nests typically occur in areas that have current or past moisture leaks and or damage.


Black Field Ants


Field Ants are black and 3/8 inch.


Black Field Ants and the Yellow Ant (or citronella ant) are outside ground nesting ants, feeding only outside and rarely seeking refuge in homes.


Confused with Carpenter Ants frequently because of their size and color the Black Field Ant frequently nests out in yards away from homes.


Yellow or Citronella Ants


Yellow or Citronella Ants are 1/6 inch, smell like lemons or citronella when crushed, are orange reddish


They frequently nest in mulch beds near homes.


Acrobat Ants


Acrobat Ants are brown to black, approximately 1/8 inch and have a distinctive "heart shaped" abdomen.


Commonly called acrobat because they scale homes and buildings to walls and ceilings on second and third stories or higher, to nest in cellotex, styrofoam or other soft insulating and building materials. They are not considered a structural damaging pest however, as are carpenter ants.


Pavement or "Slab" Ants


Adults are 1/8 inch in length on average. Probably the second most common occurring ant in and around homes next to the Odorous House Ant and nearly identical in size.


The Pavement Ant gets it's name due to typically nesting beneath concrete, foundations, sidewalks, patios and interior slabs. Most ants feeding on a variety of foods which varies seasonally from proteins in early spring and summer to "sweets" in late summer and fall. Proteins sources such as insect and animal carcasses, grease & oils (in kitchens), sweets-honeydew from apricots, beverage spills, sugar & corn syrup based products.


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