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Ant & Termite Comparisons


Termite Treatment Into Exterior Void


Pre Construction Treatment


Termite swarmers have a straight (black) body below their wings, which remain straight back at rest (Ant swarmers have a "pinched" waist below wings which "V" out at rest). Swarmers are winged reproductives that fly off to mate and generate seperate colonies. Worker termites are small white straight bodied insects that can only be found within wood (or other celulose material)  or in soil.


Termite swarmers appear in spring, normally mid April, but can occur March thru May,. They may be your only indication ("where there's smoke, there's fire") of hidden termite damage.


Ant swarmers are commonly confuse with Termites. trust a professional with this identification!

Termite damage may be occurring behind fixed walls, ceilings, and/or floor coverings.

Professional Termite Services Include: New Construction Termite Pre-treat

Complete liquid Termidor protection

One to ten year service warranties available

Monitoring station programs available

Pre & Post Construction Treatments

If you suspect termites and see this type of damage call ABES Pest Control

One of our qualified technicians will make a professional identification and recommend a course of action.



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