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What to expect after Treatment for Bed Bugs.

  • A minimum of two to three services are normally required, at approximately 30-45 day intervals.
  • Initial treatment requires the most technician service time and expense.

  • Ninety+ percent of activity will be eliminated on first service if preparation steps are followed.

  • Follow up services are required at 30-45 day intervals to care for egg and adult development and normally needs 2-3 treatments.

  • Full control can not be obtained without occupants help and cooperation with treatment preparation steps, to include acquiring encasements for all mattresses & boxsprings; elimination of excess clutter, storage and clothing; monitoring incoming furniture, appliances and guests for possible bed bug transporting/infesting; disposal, heat treating, or wrapping & Vaponna-Strip treating furniture (follow label directions) pieces that are known infestation sources. NORMAL ROOM OCCUPATION MUST CONTINUE FOLLOWING TREATMENTS, AND DURING THE TREATMENT PROCESS. DO NOT "VACATE" OR "ABANDON" A BEDROOM THAT IS INFESTED TO WAIT FOR CONTROL. UNFORTUNATELY, YOU MUST OCCUPY ROOMS TO ENCOURAGE BED BUGS OUT OF HIDING FROM WALLS, FURNITURE, AND APPLIANCES TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES TO FRESH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE MATERIALS FOR BEST RESULTS.

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