Pest Control Services in:
N. Kentucky
SW Ohio
SE Indiana

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Commercial Services

Rodent Control Device Inspection

ABES Pest Control will keep your restaurant, food handling / processing facility, office, warehouse, or factory protected from;


  • infestation of rodents & wild animals 
  • Termites
  • roaches, and other insects that can cause damage and illness.


Insects, rodents & wild animals can cause structural damage as well as be responsible for diseases, damaging products, and failing an establishment from meeting government requirements.



General Services

  • Home Office/Business/Industry Inspection
  • Identifying Pest Problems
  • Recommendations for Prevention
  • Caulking/Sealing services
  • Recommend Sanitation changes
  • Recommend Structural changes
  • Recommended Pesticide use




Inspection is the critical step for a pest management program.

Looking for structural deficiencies, conducive sanitation conditions, & pest Identification.




Detection is performed with the use of non-insecticide monitoring and trapping devices for positive identification species of insects and rodents.




Correction is the implementation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program by-mechanically sealing out pest entry areas and:

  • Removal of food & water sources that pest insects and rodents need to survive.
  • Physical removal of pest activity & food sources with traps, vacuums, and other cleaning tools.
  • Use of low impact residual pesticides for insect & rodent control.




Documentation is provided for pest activity & corrective actions with a bound notebook.


  • Pest Sightings/Activity Log
  • Facility Locator Map
  • Pesticide Usage Log
  • MSDS
  • Label Book

Cincinnati & Surrounding Communities

Amberley, Colerain, Evendale, Forest Park, Glendale, Harrison, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Madiera, Marimont, Montgomery, O'Bryonville, Reading, Sharonville, Silverton, Springdale, Terrace Park, West Chester, Wyoming


Northern Kentucky & Surrounding Communities

Bellevue, Burlington, Covington, Crestview Hills, Dry Ridge, Erlanger, Florence, Ft Mitchell, Ft Thomas, Hebron, Highland Heights, Newport, Taylor Mill, Union, Villa Hills, Walton


Serving Indiana & Surrounding Areas

Aurora, Bright, Hidden Valley, Lawrenceburg, West Harrison