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Preparing for Treatment - Bed Bugs

The following steps need to be taken prior to treatment(s) and/or inspection for bed bug infestation:

  • Remove all bedding materials (comforters, pillow shams, ruffles, sheets etc.), fabric curtains, and blanket covers over furniture or tables. Wash and/or dry (medium to high heat for 20-30minutes), but do not put back on. Store items in trash bags until after treatment.


  • The Dry Cleaning industry has informed us that "dry clean only" materials can be heat dried on medium to high temp's if dry.


  • Remove all items off of and out of: dressers, night stands, coffee tables, end tables, plus any other furniture (5-10 feet) near beds, couches, & chairs and place in trash bags, boxes, or plastic storage containers. Dressers or cabinets with mirrors will need to be seperated by homeowner/occupant to allow rotation of piece(s) for inspection & treatment. All pieces of furniture will need to be rotated, inspected and treated (by ABES service technicians). Be sure to inspect items, with good lighting, as you remove them for: bed bug adults & nymphs, fecal spots (dark red-brown to black) or salt-like specs (eggs), and advise techs. Bag these items seperate. Vacuum up any and all activity seen during prep and dispose of sweeper bag.


  • Bag or box up items off the floors- under and near the beds, couches and chairs, plus inside closets (toys, shoes, storage, etc) if closet door entry is within around 5 feet of an infested bed. These items can be put on or under tables, center area of hard floors. On vinyl, concrete or wood floors you only need to move items to the center of the floor. Vacuum up any and all activity seen during prep.


  • Remove pictures from walls, place on floors leaning against the wall.


  • Remove food and dishes from counter tops (and pet dishes from off floors).


  • Vacuum all floors (carpets, vinyl, concrete and wood), including under the couch and chair cushions. When you are done vacuuming, put the vacuum bag in a sealed trash bag and place in the dumpster.


  • If you have a fish tank, you will need to shut off the pump and cover with a sheet.


  • Loosen screws 1-2 full turns on switch-plate and outlet covers on walls in all bedrooms, family rooms, and living rooms. You will need to loosen them also from kitchen, dining and bath walls if you suspect or have seen activity in these areas (usually under moderate to high infestations), or if they are close (<5 ft.) to any beds, couches, or chairs.


  • Please do not have your carpets (shampoo or steam) cleaned after treatment. It will wash the product away. Some products can be effective for days, weeks, or monthls. You may clean carpets or furniture 1-2 days prior to an initial or follow up treatment. Steam cleaning units must produce a 135 to 150 + degree temperature to be effective on live bed bugs or their eggs.


  • After laundering, use dryer, steam clean, or bag clothing, linen and fabric materials in black garbage bags and set in full sun (if outdoor temperature is 80 degrees +) for hours (or days) to heat and destroy bed bug eggs, and adult stages. (Summer climate- temperature must reach approximately 115 degrees or higher inside bag). Alternate methods of heat treating infested bags of material that can not be laundered are available. Consult with ABES Pest Control office.

  • Clock radios, stereos, and other appliances in living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms would need discarded, or treated by owner/ occupant, if found to be infested.


  • All mattresses and box springs will need to be encased in bed bug/ bite proof encasements. These encasements can be purchased through ABES Pest Control, and where available, retail stores in your area.
    If you desire to purchase from us, please give us specific sizes and number of encasements, ie.. for mattress: twin, twin-xl, full, full-xl, queen, king, California king, and box springs: twin, twin-xl, full, full-xl, queen, king-regular, or king-double twin box springs.


  • Do not initially dispose of couches or chairs unless moderate to high infestation occurs (above 10-15 visible bed bugs on surface), and/or furniture material has multiple rips and tears in fabric. Most furniture can be treated with residual pesticides, heat treated, or bagged and vapor treated using an over the counter available DDVP "Vaponna" pest strips (follow label directions) which have been made available again on the market for use on bed bugs.


  • Two to four services are normally required, at 30 day interval(s).


  • Occupant/ tenant will need to vacate 3-4 hrs following application. Contact Physician if a medical condition exists such as: allergies, asthma, pregnancy, heart trouble, emphysema, etc for a time period to vacate.



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