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Our unique dual baiting and monitoring stations are placed in ground every 15 feet around your home.


The stations sit flush on the soil and are almost unseen.


They contain two compartments:

One is for baiting and crawling insects and the their below ground compartments detects foraging termites on your property.


Our comprehensive service format will then remedy and prevent pests on the house exterior and interior with odorless targeted knock down liquid, powder, or granular materials and totally hidden non-invasive gel baits.

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Breakthrough Pest Elimination Technology for the 21st Century


Advanced Scientific Solutions to Protect Your Health and Property

The problem: Multiple pest problems mam multiple [est programs, As soon as you eliminate one pest problem another invasion occurs!

The Solution: ALLTRA Technology!



The scientific community created baiting material for most all common invading insect and rodent pests. Going even further the scientists created odorless liquid compounds and waterproof powders that are targeted directly at nuisance pests and not at humans, pests and their environments.


Using these technological breakthroughs, we at ABEs have adopted a comprehensive service program so complete in scope and effectiveness it’s called ALLTRA!


ALLTRA delivers pest management indoors, outdoors, above and below your living quarters.


ALLTRA protects against over 4 0 different insect and rodent pests. Furthermore ALLTRA provides tangible results with in ground termite monitoring stations, above viewable control sites and silent odorless and environmentally sound pest elimination materials.


  • Don’t settle for less than total protection
  • Our innovative pest management program monitors protects your property from all invading pests including termites.
  • Termite control is provided at a guaranteed low cost if termites are detected on your property.
  • Our licensed techs service your property four times a year to provide total pest elimination and to monitor fro termite activity.
  • Our appointments are set at your convenience and all services are documented in writing.
  • Only odorless unseen baits, liquids, and powders are applied when needed.




Affordable protection includes defense against all of these pests

  • Cockroaches - All four of the most commoncockroaches.
  • Rodents - The two most common rodents; The house mouse and the Norway rat.
  • Nuisance Invaders - Including wasps, bees, yellow jackets & hornets. Twelve total pests.
  • House Ants - All five of the most common including carpenter ants.
  • Flour Beetle - All ten of the most usual pantry pests including grain moths.
  • All Fabric Pests - All fabric pests including carpet beetles.
  • Fleas - The two most commonly found fleas.



Cincinnati & Surrounding Communities

Amberley, Colerain, Evendale, Forest Park, Glendale, Harrison, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Madiera, Marimont, Montgomery, O'Bryonville, Reading, Sharonville, Silverton, Springdale, Terrace Park, West Chester, Wyoming


Northern Kentucky & Surrounding Communities

Bellevue, Burlington, Covington, Crestview Hills, Dry Ridge, Erlanger, Florence, Ft Mitchell, Ft Thomas, Hebron, Highland Heights, Newport, Taylor Mill, Union, Villa Hills, Walton


Serving Indiana & Surrounding Areas

Aurora, Bright, Hidden Valley, Lawrenceburg, West Harrison